Good News; Amawulire ag’essanyu!

SABASAJJA KABAKA visits the Centre

NABAGEREKA  (Queen)Receives products of Buganda Sanyu

Welcome to the official site of the Buganda Sanyu Foundation. The foundation is a new strategy to effect the documentation of our forgotten history. This arrangement will make use of the available literature to reproduce motion pictures. Through research and training, the Foundation promotes and disseminates the authetic cultural practices and norms through music and anyother form of performing arts.


To establish a Foundation that documents, trains and reconstructs culture and history through visual and performing arts.


To promote, uphold and sensitize the masses about the rich cultural orientations of their regions through visual and performing arts.


TO identify and assemble individual qualifications, talents and  abilities that can later be utilized in organized talent development;

TO research and document on historical and cultural experiences that help to identify the uniqueness of our country

TO document, practice, and record (audio and video) the historical and cultural landmarks for posterity.

To sensitize our people, especially the youth about their culture.

TO engage effectively with our government programs, private          sector, and civil society partners to create opportunity for the      youth employment and empowerment.

TO support members with learning and capacity – building

opportunities for effective individual and community development, management, governance and profit making;

TO strengthen the individual and collective identity, credibility, coordination, and positioning of its members;

KABAKA (King) and BAGANDA MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT; They were impressed by the WORK of the FOUNDATION.

In furtherance of the said Objects but not otherwise, the organization                     may engage in;

(a)       Organizing youth and community into active participation in                        the daily community events and activities as a way fostering                                      unity amongst them.

(b)          Holding and promoting seminars, courses, conferences, programs, meetings and other events that promotes mutual understanding amongst individuals and communities.

(c)          Collecting, analyzing, and making available such information on all matters affecting the objectives by exchange of information with individuals, community and other bodies having similar objectives all across Uganda.

(d)          Establishing a research and documentation center to preserve history of community events, and to also promote and further knowledge for future active and successful community participation.

Government Minister of Tourism, Prof. E. Kamuntu visiting the Foundation and receiving products while Deputy Katikkiro and Buganda’s Tourism minister looks on.