Executive Director

Prince Jamil Wasajja

Prince Jamil Wasajja














     It is a pleasure to be the founder and first Executive Director of this foundation which has a noble mission of educating the current generation and those to came about the events they never had a chance to experience. The major justification of this venture is through the realization that our people are reactant to read the existing literature about their culture and history. Besides, the writing culture in Uganda is still undeveloped since it is left for elite group.

The mission of Buganda Sanyu therefore will be to ensure that all the existing oral and written history is put in digital form to fit the current trend of information delivery. A group of excited and determined youth from various Universities in Uganda including Muteesa I Royal University, Makerere University, Buganda Royal Institute and Kampala University have already registered with the foundation to embark on this noble duty.

It is our greatest pleasure and pride to see that the initial work done by the foundation have caught the eye and scooped appraisal from all sectors in our country. During the  Buganda Expo 2011 organised between 26th June-3rd July 2011, the foundation managed to host the Kabaka of Buganda, HRM Rnald Muwenda Mutebi II; The Nabagereka of Buganda, HRH Sylvia Nagginda; The Lord Mayor of the Capital City, Mr. Elias Lukwago; Uganda’s Minister of Finance, Hon. Maria Kiwanuka and Uganda’s  Minister of Tourism, Hon. Ephraim Kamuntu.

A good number of our products have already been circulated in our communities to disseminate the work of the foundation. The foundation began by documenting the pre-colonial period where there was no any form of coverage apart from the historical narrations. The masses have been excited about the way the films and characters have been manipulated to reflect the ancient period and more products are on the way.

I call upon all of you who think that we need to know our past in order to live the present and plan the future to join us in this mission.

Prince Jamil Wasajja

Executive Director

Buganda Sanyu Foundation




  1. That’s the way to go Prince thank you pretty much for the project mostly inculcating the values of culture and norms in the youth of today. We had a luck of enlightment of the past traditions in our setting which has led to moral decay mostly in the youth today which i find the most targeted area here. Thanks pretty much for the effort and the love of our kingdom you gat our support…


    For real Prince Wasajja i take this initiative to thank you for the great job well-done. Am among the people attended in the workshop at the museum but what i managed to get is the value we have in our great culture. Very many people do not understand that they are stake holders in this project, so the awareness created i think it is of a great use.

    It is important to think of yesterday today and tomorrow.
    God bless you Prince.

  3. sserebe emmanuel,mru,tourism department

    thank very much prince for the wonderful vision may the GOOD LORD REWARD U abundantly.

  4. we are waiting for anothe
    r project

  5. Richard Kasozi

    mulangira nkusaba n’obwetowaze ekintu kiddemu kitokote ku lugard.

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